Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sunday Afternoon

When we were little girls Mom and Dad visited Tim every other week on Sunday afternoons. With my new work schedule I'm  no longer able to see him on a week day, so we've switched to going on Sundays (unless we have a vacant Saturday, because that works too).
Today we met Priscilla and she went with us. All four of us, together in one car with Dad playing his music on the CD player.


  1. 😘💕😘
    Linda :o)

  2. I'm waiting for a call back from the nurse over at his place. I'm not thrilled with his new med change, which has his shuffling his feet. He also seemed out of it yesterday... look at his face in the pictures. I hate when they do this to him. It breaks my heart. :(

  3. Wonderful to see the four of you were able to all be together!