Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Clay Pots

Neglected but not forgotten. My blog. Here is a little piece of my week.

I took up pottery again, I think I told you already (if anyone is listening) and my class is on Tuesday evenings. We've done pinch pots, coil building, and last night we made slab cups. Fun stuff. I should have a perpetual pottery class... So anyway, here is a very small sampling of some of my handiwork. Stay tuned and maybe I'll post the finished product in a few more weeks.

Perhaps these little figures will be my trademark. The pinched bowl, though nice on its own, looked a little lonely so I added some people. One of my fellow students asked if I had two children... Ha ha! I wan't sure the bowl was big enough for seven. Maybe that will be a future project. Or I could make it even more fun and do my ten grandchildren.


  1. I took pottery years and years ago and LOVED it. I still have pieces of it around and so do my girls. I should fake it up again. Seeing your precious pieces just made me realize how much i enjoyed it. Keep it up......beautiful!

    Marilyn from Canada

    1. You really should. I think maybe I'll stick with it too.