Friday, June 02, 2017

On My Way to Work

I've been leaving a little earlier for work this past week. On Monday I passed my son Ben as he was on his way to meet his dad for work. I am fairly certain I followed my son in law on his way to work Thursday, and this morning I passed someone else I know and love.

I was halfway to work when I stopped at a country intersection and waited for the light to turn green. The light changed and the cars ahead of me made their way through. When I turned left and glanced at the car waiting for the light to turn on the intersecting road, I caught a glimpse of my sister Priscilla. I chanced a wave but it was too late for her to see me and she never looked my direction. My cell phone felt a "little hot" in my pocket as I felt myself get momentarily teary, but as we were both driving I resisted the urge to call her right away.

My brief but sudden burst of emotion took me by surprise and made me realize how much I miss her and need to find a time to sit with her and share a visit. Maybe soon.

(Pictures from my drive to work. That farm road up and over the hill catches me every morning, And the swamp? Well, Tuesday morning I had to wait for a train down by the canal and this was the best I could do.)


  1. I'm missing my sister....wish she lived closer. Make sure you find time to love on her. Loving you.