Friday, June 23, 2017

This Week

I've been without my computer since Sunday. I miss it not only because it is my connection to my friends and family, but because it is where I sort and organize brain files. Pen and paper might do, but I find typing faster and easier. My heart is feeling achy tonight and that makes the missing a little stronger. Never mind the fact that the CD with Dad's songs is tucked inside the CD drawer and I am mssing him as well.

It's been a busy week. I missed my CoDA meeting on Monday night to enjoy a family birthday celebration with strawberry shortcake. Happy 27th to Nathan! The little guy who used to hang on my knees now has two little guys of his own.

My Tuesday night pottery class found us rolling coils and building pots. It's too bad the reclaimed clay they provide us doesn't behave better. I just may have to find an alternate source of material.

The Daycare was crazy this week. The kids were wild and crazy due to Pre-K graduations and the onset of summer. Today was probably the most difficult since I started. I'm told next week will be completely different as the ranks of children ebb and change. I'll be headed out of the Pre-K room and into the infant room starting Monday. I must remember to stock up on bubble gum. :0)
Pictures courtesy of Monday night's birthday celebration. I took pictures of the grands and totally bypassed the birthday boy. Oops. Ah well, I caught Numbers 10, 9, 8, 7, and 5.


  1. Such adorable little grandchildren!!!! They are gorgeous:-)

    Marilyn from Canada