Thursday, February 16, 2017


I usually stay home on Thursday mornings, but I typically go out on Thursday nights. Out to Community Bible Study. Today I stayed home and sorted through old papers I had dragged out of my dresser drawer. I threw out about a million old church bulletins that years ago had been stuffed into my Bible and once removed, popped into a drawer. In old notebooks, I found lists, stories, notes, and prayers. How about a story? Or at least a partial one...

Average longed to be special, but she was just an average girl.
She had been an average baby and had an average childhood.
She had average brown hair and brown eyes. 
She was average height and made average grades in school
Her average family lived on an average street in an average neighborhood. 
Her house, though very nice, was still average... 

My inspiration? A five year old girl named Emma (story here) who kept me entertained with her ability to entertain herself with imaginary friends. I loved listening to her play. Now, when my nursing home friend has "one of her days," I listen to her and find myself almost as entertained as I was with Emma.

She was wound up the other day and talked almost nonstop...

"You are the smuggest thing I've ever seen," she told me, although she can't see me at all.

During her nap she was anxious about getting home to her mother. "You can stay here," I told her, and she replied, "Oh, thank you. I promise not to be a bourbon..." and then she realized she'd said the wrong word and we both laughed.

She is constantly asking for help with things that I am not able to help her with. It's not an unwillingness on my part, but liability on the part of my company. The job is hands off but she has a million and one reasons why I should "help" her. And "help" usually means either take her to the bathroom or get her into bed. On Monday it meant get her out of bed and so we had these  mini conversations.

"I love you and I love all your friends. Most of them. Will you help me?"

"Can you please help me just a little bit?"

"I love you. I want you to be my friend. Will you help me? It's not a big deal."

"I love you and I love everyone that's been nice to me. And not anybody foolish."

If I don't remember to entertained, I will end up extremely frustrated, but I also must try not to smile when I answer because, although she may not be able to see me, she can hear it in my voice. And let me tell you, she is not entertained if she thinks I'm laughing at her.

* Puppy photos because I am not allowed to take pictures at the nursing home. Her name is Nassa (nah-sah).


  1. What did you name your newest child?

    1. It's at the bottom of the post.

  2. If I read it before, I had forgotten about glimmering Emma. Cute!