Thursday, February 02, 2017

Things With Wings

Yesterday morning found me up and ready to face the world a little earlier than normal. We dropped my vehicle off to have her "shoes" changed and hopped across the street for a quick breakfast at the Original Candy Kitchen.
When we returned home it was bright and sunny, the kind of day that calls me outside and tells me to bring my camera, so I packed my lunch for work and went out to see what I could fnd.

I met a beautiful flock of murmurating starlings just over the hill.

Actually, they were mostly congregated along the road, but I know that murmuration is their intent. Incredible! And yes, it always reminds me a little bit of Alfred Hitchcock's movie "The Birds."

I drove along Lake Road and stopped to look out over Lake Ontario at the Ontario boat launch by Bear Creek. The lake was looking cold and green.

And since I had plenty of time and nowhere to go but work, I decided to see what was happening down by Irondequoit Bay and the outlet to Lake Ontario.

On a thin layer of ice along the shoreline of the bay a flock of seagulls was gather. their feet slipped as they walked across the slippery surface.

I tossed them a few stale Triscuits to fight and scramble over, and snapped pictures hoping for something wonderful.

I arrived at work 20 minutes early, but satisfied with having taken in a bit of sunshine and winter beauty. It was an "interesting" day at work. "Help me! Help me! Help me!" And all I can to is try in vain to assuage her anxiety.


  1. Martha your photographs are so lovely!! You should work for the National Goegraphic or some magazine. Truly! You have a great eye for on interesting picture. I hope you poor person settled down. So sad sometimes. :-(

    Marilyn from Canada

    1. She settled down as soon as she was put into bed. She's typically quiet there whether she sleeps or not. Poor thing.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I almost feel like I went along!

    1. Thanks. Maybe next time you will.