Saturday, February 11, 2017

More Bits and Pieces

A few leftovers from this week...

* I spotted the Happy Gnome outside his home on Thursday afternoon. The windchill was bitter and I can't imagine he stayed out very long. In fact, by the time I returned to the kitchen, I was half frozen myself and Mr. Gnome was no longer standing on the steps.

* Bitter temperatures and snow easily convince The Naughties to spend more time inside than out. Empty baskets and boxes magically turn into forts, beds, and sitting spots.

* We were blessed by an overnight snowstorm, thanks to those lake effect snow bands, and woke up Friday morning to a foot or more of fluffy whiteness. Linda, if you're reading, I heard there wasn't so much as a flake at your house.

* With the longer days, the hens are laying more eggs again. Rather than one or two a day we are back up to 5-7. The snow keeps them home where they hang out under the shelter of the barn's shed roof.

* I dug out my car late in the morning and ventured out to try out "Betsy's new hiking boots." (She has new tires...) Our road was only half plowed and I managed to stay on the road without difficulty. I exerted more energy just sweeping the snow off the roof than driving down the road.

* My sister and I went for a walk three out of seven days this week. Three miles around her neighborhood. By the time we got back to her house I was cold, my feet were wet, and the cold I've been fighting was winning the battle. Once I was home again, I changed my clothes and curled up under a blanket in my spot on the couch.


  1. Replies
    1. You know it won't stick around long. It was perfect snowman making weather today, but I was under the weather and did not venture out except to take care of the chickens.

  2. My school was closed. I said to Alicia, "Alicia, my school is closed."

    She said, "Is mine?" I looked out the window where there was only a dusting of snow...and none on the cars and streets.

    I said, "Um....nope."

    Poor Alicia!

    1. Funny how that works. There are times when Alicia's school has off and ours are going. All depends on where the snow goes.