Saturday, July 11, 2015

Out in Back

I took a walk about the yard this evening...

1. I caught a bit of late afternoon sun on my milkweed blossoms. They are still fragrant and the bees are still buzzing.
2. My elderberry bushes are covered with blossoms. Perhaps there are some pies in our future.
3. Oreo is recovering and feeling friendly once again.
4. I have a nice little collection of plants adorning that wire wheel on my back porch.
5. The blueberry bushes are almost ready to present their harvest. Another week or so and maybe there will be enough to fill up a basket.


  1. I love your blueberry bush...looks like I might be using it for a Sunday Sketch in the weeks to come. I joined another art may be am addiction..HaHa

    1. I'd be honored to see more of my blueberries in your paintings!