Friday, July 17, 2015

Lucky Me

I was the lucky recipient of a surprise package this afternoon. The puffy mailing envelope was addressed to me with the return address of my cousin Kathy. At first I suspected old family photographs as we had recently been sharing bits of family history, but the package didn't feel like photos.

Inside the yellow package I found a wonderful surprise. A brand new, handmade camera strap, a cool one with an integrated wrist strap and and a built in pocket to hold an extra camera card or cleaning cloth. The only request? To give her some feedback on how I like it or what could be changed. (I already think I love it and I've only had it a few hours.)

Not only is the strap attractive, but I love the idea of a pocket to hold an extra camera card (for those times when I inadvertently leave mine inside my laptop and take off with an empty camera. That pretty little cleaning cloth is a great idea too. Now all I need is an afternoon to go out shooting... That will be the real challenge, finding an open afternoon and an available friend. I'm thinking a Friday sometime or maybe even a Saturday since I'm all booked up Monday through Thursday at work.

If you're all feeling jealous, I'm told she's planning to sell them in an Etsy shop starting in September. She designed and makes them herself and I think that's pretty cool. I'm honored to have been blessed with this unexpected gift. Thanks, Kathy.


  1. What a wonderful surprise. And how perfect for YOU and your camera. I love when we gift is not only beautiful, but practical. Fun, fun, fun

  2. Very cool! Does she read your blog?

    1. I don't think so, but we are friends on Facebook. I never see her comment but sometimes people just enjoy "stalking".

  3. Totally awesome!
    If you come over maybe I'll let you look at it.