Thursday, July 30, 2015

Boys, Little Boys

So, we have a couple of boys for a couple of days. It was nice to send them off to VBS this morning, where they found their cousins and a few friends. Jakie wasn't too sure about sitting with his class until Aubrey came in and then everything was good.

This afternoon, after I spoiled their suppers with late afternoon ice cream sandwiches (Because Grandma's are allowed to do that),  they had a bit of fun in the sandbox.

A good bounce on the trampoline removes most of the sand quite nicely, and once they were done we headed into the house for a bit of supper (because every good Grandma also attempts to feed them something good for them too).

This evening they are taking in a Tarzan video because Grandpa's pretty good at picking out movies. Once it gets a little closer to nine o'clock we will herd them upstairs to wash their hands and faces, brush their teeth, find their jammies, and crawl into bed. I hope they settle down a little quicker tonight than they did last night.


  1. What cutie little guys. And what a good grandma!

  2. What beautiful memories you are creating for them.

  3. Were they up late then? Little stinkers. It looks like they had a nice visit. Thank you so much for letting them stay!