Friday, July 10, 2015


I looked around the yard this morning and remarked to Hannah how different it is this year. Our vegetable garden consists of peppers; bell, chile, and pablano. No corn or cucumbers, no squash or beans, and no
tomatoes. I didn't plant flowers this spring (I was too busy at the nursing home) and my daisies never came up. There were no children on the swings or in the sandbox. It was weird and I realized why I've tended to spend my time inside rather than out. Thankfully, this afternoon I was blessed with a couple of boys who came to spend the night.

Jake kept me busy in the sandbox and I've come to realize I need a few new sandbox toys. Josh was blessed to have a friend when Raul stopped by for a couple of hours. They kept themselves busy bouncing on the trampoline and checking out Hannah's old playhouse. I didn't take any pictures other than those in my mind. Tomorrow morning I will return the boys to Webster when Hannah and I go for haircuts.


  1. Will you both get a trim or a real cut.... I went really short and curly.....but that's me.

    I got up early and Don helped me clean the house from top to bottom. Feels and smells so fresh. Maybe I need to bake an apple pie to complete the smells.

    1. I just had it trimmed. Took off the broken ends. Maybe one day I will get brave and let someone make it short. Maybe.