Thursday, January 02, 2014

Just Some Stuff

Yesterday afternoon may not have been the best time to fly, but I think today would have been worse. I am glad to know my boy and his family made it home safe to Minnesota in spite of the weather,
even if it was after 2 o'clock in the morning. (The original flight was scheduled to be there by 9:50 pm. They were only 4 hours late...) I loved having them here and I hated saying goodbye. Today the house feels quiet and empty even though it isn't, and although a part of me is happy to have the craziness of the holidays over and done, another part of me looks forward to the next time we're all together again. (We're never really totally satisfied, are we?) We're all going to miss not only Jim and Michele, but the little guy too. I can scarcely help but find myself wondering how to get back to Minnesota.

A winter storm has settled over the northeast, complete with snow, and a bit of wind here by this Great Lake. The birds have returned to check out the feeder. It's kind of funny to see them up to their necks in snow.

It's a good afternoon to curl up by the fire and try to catch up on a little bit of the sleep we got so far behind on the past week. We lent our bedroom to Jim and his family while they were here, so crawling back into our own bed and going to sleep last night was kind of like returning home ourselves. One day I'm going to have a real live guest room. Won't that be cool?


  1. What lovely parents,to give up your bed!
    We have never done that.....not even at the cottage!
    Sounds like you are quite content....hold onto that feeling as long as you can♥️
    Enjoy your evening...
    Linda :o)

    1. Poor James didn't sleep so great on the air mattress and I learned, after freezing the first night, that a sleeping bag underneath us would be much cozier. The air int hat mattress never warms up, you know, especially when the basement is cold.

  2. You were very sweet to give up your room and bed. I didn't think how cold an air mattress could be...You needed an electric blanket on it.
    I know it feels quiet around you house now..Bitter sweet!
    Sending WARM (((HUGS))))))

    1. I never imagined it being so cold, but we haven't been keeping the basement well heated. That makes our floors a little on the colder side.

      I thought giving them our room would be best considering they had the baby to deal with. It worked out well and made me extra thankful for a warm bed on Wednesday night. :0)