Wednesday, January 29, 2014

More of the Same

It was another cold, cold day. I made soup for supper again. Last night it was chicken soup, tonight it was beef with vegetables. Soup warms up a cold tired body, especially with a slice of bread and peanut butter or a biscuit and honey.

My mom is doing good these days. She stays busy with one word search book after another, continues to read the daily newspaper (though she no longer cares/notices if it is today's or yesterday's), and here and there she reads a story or two (or three) to Rocky. Sometimes I can interest her in a jigsaw puzzle but if I didn't get them started, I'm not sure she would even bother with them. She's feeling so much better now than she was back in the fall. Her vitamin B12 regimen and steady doses of iron have done a world of good for her energy level. She remains off Coumadin and seems to be doing alright. Her nose isn't bleeding profusely anymore and that is a winning situation all the way around.

I am feeling incredibly uncomfortable today. Rather than holding my weight steady through the holidays, I managed to put on a few extra pounds. My clothes aren't fitting quite the same and I am not able to get my body in motion enough to hope for a recovery anytime soon. Maybe once we are released from the deep freeze I can go for a few more orchard walks. Joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer is out of the question. Either I must get in shape myself or resign myself to a new body type. (ha ha)

I am still mulling over what I'd like to do once I no longer have a houseful of children or a mom to take care of. I'd like to do something creative but I'm still mulling over the options. I was informed this morning that "artists don't make enough money" but that was coming from an almost eight year old who was asked if she was going to be an artist when she grows up. I can't help but think how much of everyday life involves the artistry of someone, everything from books and toys, to paintings and songs.
(James says I should write a book.)

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