Friday, January 03, 2014

The Great White North

From whose womb comes the ice?
And the frost of heaven, who gives it birth?
Job 38:29

Cold, cold, cold!

There is something wonderfully cozy about sub-zero temperatures, providing a roaring wood stove and piles of warm blankets are readily available. It will be dreadfully cold tonight, and then tomorrow we're forecast to have a heat wave. It's supposed to be all the way up to freezing by mid afternoon.

This afternoon my lovely and talented youngest daughter was inspired to clean the house. She hid/put away clutter, dusted furniture, and vacuumed. The house was miraculously transformed in short order. When her BFF showed up around 1:30 pm, they set to work chopping up vegetables and employing Grandmanita's assistance in cutting up and cooking chicken. As dinner time approached, they tackled the task, with Grandmanita's help, of making homemade noodles for their massive pot of chicken soup. By six o'clock guests began to arrive for the church youth groups' annual progressive dinner. I'm guessing approximately 35 people came through, in three separate groups, to eat soup, sing a song, and move on tot he next location. This was my first time ever participating (or actually witnessing, I hardly participated...) in a progressive dinner. It looked like a lot of fun whether one was a guest or host. I'm glad Hannah and Kelly decided to play the game.


  1. Oh you have just brought back tons of wonderful memories of "progressive dinners" over the years in several of our churches. I think sometimes Churches get to modern, and order out, cater, but don't do the old fun potlucks or progressive dinners. That soup sounds heavenly. A clean house, a pot of homemade soup, friends gathering...Does it get any better!!

    1. It was fun to host and it looked like faun to participate in.

  2. How fun...and you got a clean house out of it, too!
    Gramanita seems to always make things better! :)
    I've only been on a progressive dinner a teen.
    And it was fun!

    1. The clean house was one of the better perks of hosting. :0)