Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It has been a year of testing and trials. God is working in our hearts and lives, molding us, shaping us, and drawing us closer to Him. It has been almost five months since my father took his leave from this life (two and half weeks for James' dad) and we continue to adjust.

Mom is doing fairly well. She has completely entrusted Dad into the care of her Savior and does not fret over his passing, though I am sure she misses him every day. She often keeps herself busy doing puzzles and is quite entertained by the antics of her great grandson. Dave and Leta have pretty much settled into living there with her and do a good job of keeping up with her needs. My sisters and I are incredibly grateful to Dave and Leta for their presence at the house and sleep much better at night for it.

Mom's age seems to be catching up with her and she finds it difficult to remember little details during the course of a conversation. She will often ask the same question two or three times. I must admit, it is disconcerting but does not get me ruffled. It has been difficult to watch my parents grow old, much more than I'd ever imagined, and I love them in a whole new way. I have a new appreciation for those before me who have dealt with both aging parents and teenagers, and am grateful my teenagers are fairly mild.

I am very much looking forward to spring and the wonderful ability to sit out on Mom's back porch and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with her. Maybe the bird feeders will get refilled and, quite possibly, Dad's little rabbit friends will once again reappear.


  1. Love the picture of you mom at the table... the flower in the foreground... nice.

    We are having the same situation with memory with Aunt Trula across the street. The family doesn't think she should drive anymore, but haven't told her yet. Some things are very hard to do.

    I think of you often, and all you've had to deal with this year.

  2. I am sorry for the loss of your father and father in law. My mom recently passed away and I can empathize with your feelings.
    Lindsey Petersen

  3. It's driving me crazy that I can't drive over to see Mom tomorrow due to my car being in the shop. I did talk to her on the telephone the other day though and told her I'll be over for a visit on Friday. I hope she remembers and doesn't think I have forgotten her. I'll have to call her again tomorrow. I agree with you, it is very difficult to watch parents age. Dave played some of Dad's music one night in Florida and the tears flowed once again. I really need to just sit and listen to him sing and play and just let it all out. I miss him terribly. Tricia Yoder just lost her dad a couple days ago to Pneumonia. He had a weak heart and couldn't take the stress of Pneumonia. His memorial service is Saturday at Sodus Bible Baptist. Pray for her family, esp her mom.

    I am SO very thankful for Dave and Leta. They are a true blessing. I did send them a card a few weeks back, hopefully they received it.

  4. That is so neat that Dave and Leta can be there with your mom. You are so blessed. This is a difficult period of our lives - a changing relationship with our parents. I'm experiencing that too, but in a different way with Mom's health.

  5. Lindsey, thank you for stopping by. I'm sorry to hear about your mom.

  6. That is great that your kids are living with your Mom. So much better than if she was alone.