Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Wedding

This morning James and I attended the wedding of Bethany's good friend, Elisabeth. The skies were cloudy and threatening rain. Not good for an outdoor ceremony. Thankfully, the Lord saw fit to bless us only with sprinkles of rain and not a downpour. Liz was beautiful and so were the girls. I did not bring my camera along, rather left the picture taking to others. Too bad because it really was a gorgeous location. Now I have to go back.
The pictures at the old lighthouse were taken nearly ten years ago when I took my children on a Saturday trip to the lighthouse museum. (Bethany should appreciate this... ) Hannah was about 4 years old, maybe not quite. Back then we climbed the circular staircase to look out the windows way up in the top of the tower and found a lot of ladybugs. I think it is time to make a return trip. Local field trips are a must with gasoline prices such as they are, and there are several lighthouses to visit here along Lake Ontario.


  1. Bethany looks thrilled to be having her picture taken there... :o)

  2. I'm so glad to hear it didn't pour on you all!

    That's a very cute picture! I wanna visit some lighthouses too! Let's make a date!

  3. It sounds fun! I'm ready to have some fun!

  4. That's back when I used to cut the boys' hair. Could you tell? (ew)

    Suppose, maybe, possibly, I have some photos of the wedding to share when I get a moment of time to upload them.

  5. I remember that day. What a goof I was!