Friday, June 27, 2008

A Hole in One

Some Friday nights Ben and Hannah go to the teen group at church and some Fridays we choose to have them home with us. Tonight they stayed home with James and I and we went out to play miniature golf. I don't know who actually won the game, none of us did very well tonight, but I did get a hole in one. Only one of the eighteen holes wins a prize and this happened to be it. The prize? A slice of pizza from the NY Pizzaria up in town. Maybe one day, if I can find some more coupons, I'll take the kids up for pizza.

On our way home James stopped for ice cream. I had a chocolate/vanilla twist. Yum! We don't often stop for ice cream so it is always a treat when we do. Our normal practice is to buy our ice cream and cones at the super market, hopefully on sale, and bring them home to make cones. You might say having seven children has encouraged a certain amount of frugality.


  1. Family time nice!
    Dave and I went on a date and took the kids to his parents for the evening (not because we need to, but they want to). Dave and I just went out to dinner and then for a nice walk along the canal. There was a jazz band playing live music, lots of people listening and admiring all the shops along the canal, and children feeding the many ducks. I wished I had my camera because it really was a nice walk, but I rarely take my camera when we go out.
    Hannah looks great in the glad she's okay!

  2. I love mini golf! 'Specially when you win a prize! I've won a free game that way.

  3. I enjoyed visiting your blog site, thanks for paying me a visit. Have a blessed weekend.

  4. Sounds fun. We went to a Redwings game last night.