Thursday, June 26, 2008

Passion's Fruit

I recently read a book, Cure for the Common Life by Max Lucado. This book has left me pondering once again, wondering what really is my passion in life? What is it that I was specifically created to do? It isn't a question that others can answer for me, rather a question whose answer lies deep within myself. There are, of course, numerous clues which will eventually lead me to the answer, but the journey may take some time and will definitely require much thought. Not all of life depends on my passions, no matter what they may be, and there are plenty of jobs which need to be done whether I enjoy them or not. I have been told that my passion will overrule and crowd out those "other things" but I have not yet found that to be true. Often "other things" call louder and clearer, and appear much more urgent than what I love to do, so much so that my gifts and talents have become all but lost in the crush.

It's Thursday. A good day to make a list of things I love, some to do and some... some just things that I know are connected in some presently unseen way.

1. Blog- I think it's really the writing I enjoy. The feedback makes it all the more worthwhile.
2. I used to write poetry, especially when I was in 5th grade up through high school. Once in a great while I will still write something, but once it was a passion.
3. Read. I don't do much reading anymore as it feels like I am accomplishing little to nothing when I do, but I love a good novel and usually can't resist telling others the story as I read it. I do miss reading to my kids too.
4. Drawing. My dad instilled in me a love of drawing. At a very young age I learned to look for pencils and papers. My skills are not honed and I feel very inept, but I'm pretty sure its in there somewhere, just waiting
5. Decorative painting. This is actually just another type of drawing only I'm using paint instead of a pencil or pen. Mostly I use someone else's pattern, but once in a while I paint from a photograph or other picture/drawing.
6. Pottery. I took a class a few years ago and tried out the wheel for the first time. I fell in love, closed my eyes and felt the clay spin between my hands...
7. Sculpting with clay is another love. I have an ample supply of clay and a small kiln out in James' spray booth but haven't pulled anything out in what seems like years. Some of my things have yet to be fired. Honestly, we've only fired up the kiln once. I don't know much about ceramics except that I love how clay feels in my hands.
8. The woods. Another thing that's hard to explain. When I was a little girl I loved walking through or playing in the woods. It is a land of fantasy and imagination.
9. Although I was often exhausted by the time and effort invested, I loved having a house full of kids and I loved my babies. They provided the perfect excuse to think childlike, go childlike places, and do childlike things. (O yes, and read those childlike books; Otis Spofford, Homer Price, The Not-Just-Anybody Family...)
10. Making crafts. The dilemma here is that I like a craft worth making, not just things that get tossed in the trash a few days later.
11. I loved walking on my wire wheel.
12. I love making things look cozy and welcoming. Some people hate knick-knacks and "dust collectors" but I find they have a place and make my house feel more like a home. Sometimes they come in the form of pillows or blankets on the couch, sometimes they are actually a basket of toys in a corner. Whatever they may be, they say something about who I am.
13. Music boxes. I don't know what it is about them either but I used to be mesmerized by them. Now I'm too distracted.
14. Ha! Taking photographs needs to be added here too. I love capturing a beautiful moment and putting it on film. Hurray for digital cameras!

Anyway, I am thinking, pondering, musing... One day I'll have an answer to my search.


  1. Funny that you write this blog as I have also been thinking about this a lot lately.

  2. I agree, passions sometimes need to wait, esp. when you have a family that needs tending to.

    I like your list. What is a spray booth? I've always wanted to work with clay but I don't need another hobby. I'd like to see a picture of you walking on your wire wheel. Is that like something in a hamster cage? That's what comes to mind.

  3. Hi Kim. The spray booth is where my husband sprays finishes on his cabinets or whatever else he is building. (Not very condusive to a pottery studio.

    The wire wheel was something given to me many years ago by a neighbor who was moving. It was just a giant spool. Sad to say it was adopted by my father for a very different job before I had it even one year. Maybe he thought I would kill myself on it...

  4. It is a song that never ends, it goes on and on my friend... :) Yep that is the same moon that keeps ups both confused about the hours.

  5. Beautiful Photo. Thanks for dropping by Pappy's and leaving a comment. Come back when you can stay longer.

  6. I also enjoyed reading your list, and see how much we have in common. That's why I'm a daily visitor ~~

    Makes me think I will make a list in my journal...

    You do have the gift of writing, but then I said that before...but it's true.

  7. I think alot of people these days are wondering the same thing.

    Your interests are many and varied. I notice they almost all point to "creative".

    The woods....a place of enchantment. I walk my dog in the woods and nearly ever time, I am struck by the quiet, the secrets, the is a place to cultivate the imagination, for certain.

    I enjoyed reading this post, and I hope at least some of the interests you list can be pursued with adequate time in the near future!

  8. Martha, you have passion for so much! I have always admired your creativity and your passion for your family. (Probably not in that order;) I am not sure what my passions are, except for my family. From the day I had Ashleigh, I knew I was born to be a mother. Other than that, I will have to think on that....

  9. Martha, I love this quote from you, "Although I was often exhausted by the time and effort invested, I loved having a house full of kids and I loved my babies." Can I steal it? :)