Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Keeping the Bases Covered

There are days when I feel as if all I ever do is run from one end the house to the other picking up and putting away, sifting through and sorting, cooking meals and cleaning up afterward. There are days when I long to get away from it all for just a little while. Then there are also other days, days when I am perfectly content to stay at home, putter around, bake some cookies, and dust the furniture. The laundry must be washed, groceries must be inventoried, and dirt must be removed. The bases must be covered, but do they have to be covered before I relax or can I relax first and then worry about the bases being covered?

Years ago when I babysat and my husband worked full time away from home, before my homeschooling adventure began, my days were filled with what may have looked to others like play. Of course I still cleaned, washed clothing, and cooked meals, but I spent a lot of time reading books to and playing toys with little people, dancing to kid tapes, walking around the block, and sitting outside just watching the kids play. We walked to story time at the library, went to visit Grandma's house, or drove down to either the park or the playground. Somewhere between those days of "play" and here I lost my ability to take it easy and not worry about the fact that I am sitting down. Is it really okay to sit and read a novel for hours? Can I pull out my paints or clay before the morning chores are done? What if I feel like jumping out of bed one morning and taking off for a day at the beach or a hike through the woods? Aren't those productive activities too? I think they are. This summer I hope to make a return to the days of "play" and maybe I'll take my grandson along.


  1. You've covered those bases for years, Martha ~~~~ Run, Run girl to beach to the park anywhere you want to and take that grandson.

    I did what you do for many many many years ~~ And now Don and I are so loving our lifestyle where I don't have to cover so many bases.

    I still love to cook, so today I took cookies to the new church we are attending for VBS.

    Love your post, good stuff every day.


  2. Run wild, run free! Don't worry about laundry until you run out of underwear! No one dies from eating pbj's for breakfast lunch and dinner every once in a while. :)

  3. PBJ's for breakfast, lunch and dinner... Hmm. I'll think I'll pass!

    If you're taking the grandson, you'll have to take me too!

  4. I agree with you, Martha, and I am struggling with those same questions. When is it okay to take time to do some fun stuff when there is soooo much work to be done?

  5. That is a good question...I have gotten in the habit of reading the morning paper with my coffee, then going on the computer for a bit before I get moving....(doesn't always work that way, but...) and sometimes when I have a chance to sit down and relax, I feel guilty...because I still have those little ones who need their stories read, and games played....I guess each person has to judge for themselves what is okay to be doing, and when you decide to do something, enjoy it with all your heart, and don't listen to the guilt....reading a novel for hours, now that sounds delicious to me!!!

  6. Bethany, I didn't say ya have to like it, just you won't die from it. :D
    So, do what T. and I do... have leftover pizza!
    Meatloaf sandwiches or shepherds pie are made with leftovers! That was the point I was making to your mom, cook once eat twice or thrice if you are lucky enough to have a forgiving family. She deserves a break today, :)

  7. I know what you mean, Martha,
    sometimes I feel guilty when I take time off and relax during the day and I think of the people that have to work '9 to 5'... but then I think, I am a free women and I can decided for myself when I take time off. I can still fold laundry when the sun went down... Life is so short...I think God would want us to enjoy it, too!
    So, take time and enjoy life with your grandson! I would, too!