Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Other Side of the Story

Top photo is the other side of the hill from last week's posting. Beautiful farm in a gorgeous location.

Following are a few more from the same general location. It was threatening rain, and followed through, as I left work on Wednesday afternoon.

 Mr. Airy's Holsteins.

Standing alone. (Reminds me a bit of that petunia in an onion patch song...)

Barn on the corner. Apparently this place is for sale.

Lost to the winds of time...

And that is it. Brought to you today because someone over at The Barn Collective said I should always have my camera along..


  1. I know right where these are! Next time that you are in the neighbor stop by and say hi. Thanks Martha for sharing, make your day a special one.

    1. I am in the neighborhood Monday through Friday. Sometimes I go to Walmart on my lunch break.

  2. 'Standing alone' reminds me of the time my niece was in first grade (many years ago). The teacher had each child plant a seed in a cup to see it grow. As soon as it sprouted (just a tiny leaf), my niece brought it home. My brother asked her what it was. She said it was a bean. So he planted it at the end of a row of beans in their garden. It was soon apparent that the 'bean' was corn!

  3. Nice post! Particularly love that last photo. The barn is really pretty as well.

  4. Gorgeous location for sure. Love the lonely corn plant.

  5. I love that stone foundation! That is always a big, big plus in my book.

  6. I used to pass that farm on the way to Gananda whenever I worked there.

  7. Hello! Beautiful pictures and great place! My new blog about literature and writing is in Spanish but if you want, you can translate it with a gadget which you'll see in the right part of my blog! I hope you like it. See you soon