Thursday, July 27, 2017

Playing in the Mud

Mom almost always let us play in the mud. Mud Pies was one of my favorite games and remains a favorite childhood memory. As my mud pie making buddy will testify, "Yes we made the very best mud pies in all of the land, for sure." (Never mind the time I fell in a puddle as a toddler and cried, "Get these muddy things off of me!") As long as I don't have to wear it, I love it.

My hand building class is wrapping up just as we are really getting into it. This time around I have taken advantage of a few Thursday evening open studio nights to play. This evening was likely my last night to build any new wet projects and so I did just that. I made a cute mug to replace the one that met its demise. I assume it probably tumbled off the edge of the shelf... Oh, well.

I didn't take any pictures tonight but I took a couple on Tuesday when we had class. My "burlap box" has not yet met the fire but it's ready. I am looking forward to the finished product because I already think it's kind of cool. Oh goodness! I'm going to need another class.


  1. Love that you are taking this Potter's Class. You are a natural. Love all the things you are creating.