Friday, May 05, 2017


Grabbing a very tired moment to sneak in a post. What a wonderful classroom full of little people. Thankfully, I'm still pretty good at remembering names. There are 7-8 in our room and another 7-8 in the room next door. An entire garden!

Loving small children, in spite of stinky diapers and runny noses, is not the challenge, but you can keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I learn someone else's way of doing things. There is so much to learn and I'm not used to paperwork. I really just like interacting with the little people.

Tonight I spent some time with my very favorite (at this moment) two year old person. Spencer came to play (along with Daddy and baby brother) not long after I got home from work. We put all the cars down the carpet tube, did a couple of puzzles, read "Ten Little Ladybugs," closed up the chicken coop and brought in the eggs, and after supper we drew some pictures. Maybe me working in a daycare will be good for my grandchildren too.

Oh, yeah. I had a nice little snuggle with Number 10 as well. I like him. (Did I already tell you that?)

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