Tuesday, May 23, 2017


We started the week with eight chickens. Now we have seven. Eight minus one equals seven. --- I let the chickens out every morning. This morning, as I rounded the corner of the barn, I caught sight of a fox running off into the orchard. I decided to feed the chickens and keep them inside.

I cross a set of railroad tracks on my way to and from work. On my way home I had to stop for a train going west. It was going along at a decent clip. I'd waited about two minutes when the end of the line came into sight, but before it could pass a train heading east came along. The second train was moving rather slow. It was another six minutes before the crossing gates lifted and the red lights stopped flashing. I wasn't in a hurry. Good thing. I ate my apples while the train ambled by.

It was baby day at work. I spent the day with the babies. I do like babies, but I missed my 2 year old friends.


  1. When I would pick up Vivian at daycare, the babies were in the first room. I would always stop and watch them, as they were too darn cute!
    2 year olds are pretty darn cute too!
    Darn Foxes....😡
    Enjoy the rest of your week...
    Linda :o)

    1. Seven minus one equals six.

    2. OH my.....another one? 😱

    3. I let them out when I came home from work on Friday. They were out five minutes. I went into the house to put the eggs away and came out just in time to see a fox run off with one. Six minus one is five. Now they have to stay in.

    4. Yikes...
      There wont be any left soon!!