Thursday, May 18, 2017

Apple Blossoms

Went for an orchard walk last night and took my camera along. The trees only blossom for such a short time. Even though I take pictures every year, I can't resist taking more.

It's Apple Blossom weekend and this time I might actually get to watch the parade! I don't have to work. How cool is that?

My son is having an "Apple Blossom Smokeout" after the parade. Sounds yummy. I wonder what he's cookin' up? Maybe I'd better plan a very long walk to go along with the feast and festivities...

The black flies are biting. I have proof on the backs of both arms  as well as my neck. They are nasty little creatures! If they stuck around all summer I'd certainly hate those all but micro- scopic pests even more than mosquitoes. They're practically invisible.

Nassa likes walks in the orchard with or without black flies.

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