Saturday, July 02, 2016

Brave Chicken (How's that for an oxymoron?)

After talking with an acquaintance at the farmer's market in Webster this morning, I decided to be brave this evening and leave the door to my chicken coop open for a little bit. One hen was braver than the rest. After looking out the door and checking things out for a few minutes, she decided to venture out. The rooster was not the bravest bird in the bunch, but since he is supposed to be the leader, he came out too.  I sat back in the grass with my camera and watched.

I've been told that once the flock is used to their enclosure, they will automatically "go home" at night. They didn't wander very far from the door this time, they weren't out very long, and not everyone ventured out. One silly chicken got confused and forgot where the door was. She kept looking at her friends inside and then proceeded with an attempt to fly through the chicken wire. In her confusion she ended up on the backside of the cage where I followed her back around to the door and she hopped safely inside.

More exciting than chickens was the arrival this afternoon of our Minnesota people. Jim, Michele, and Austin arrived at about 1:30 pm. Austin looked a little shy and unsure at first, but the apprehension quickly melted away. When he saw the toys, the chickens, and the cats, he decided it was an alright place. And he hasn't even caught up with the cousins yet. Wait until that happens!

We're going to have a fabulous week.


  1. The naughties won't bother the chickens?

    1. Time will tell, but I've heard cats can be taught to leave them alone.

    2. I was at a friend's house yesterday. She has chickens and a cat. The chickens were out yesterday. The cat didn't seem to be paying much attention.

    3. We had many cats when we had chickens. Don't remember it ever being a problem.

  2. Sounds/looks like fun times ahead :)