Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Tim Post

No posts for four days and then two in one day. I am so unpredictable.

We went to see our brother this afternoon, Rachel and I. It was an emotional ride. As Dad played old hymns on his guitar and harmonica through the CD player, Tim wiped tears from the corner of his eyes, and Rachel cried too.

"We haven't gotten any kind of communication from him in a long time due to med changes, but I got a "Hi" today. I also saw him wipe his silent tears a couple of times while we were on a car ride listening to Dad's music. That's all it took. I cried too. Uninitiated hugs given to me and my sister, Martha... I can't provide any details, but please pray for my brother Tim. He's hurting and that makes my heart ache."

There was an incident at the residence. We aren't sure exactly what happened, only that it involved him and it is obvious that he is hurting. Thankfully, it is also obvious he knows we love him, and he loves us too. I even collected another kiss on the cheek before we left him. Tonight, two weeks seems a long time before we see him again...


  1. It must be so difficult to know he is in there....somewhere..itching to tell you something...
    So frustrating...
    So wonderful that you and your sisters visit him, and show him that you care, and that he is important...
    It will be 20 years this Sunday that my brother Tom died...miss him every darn day....

    1. I'm getting a little bigger taste of my parents' heartache and am so blessed that they never deserted this boy they loved so very much. He is a treasure.
      My brother Dan has been gone a long time too; 32 years for me, and almost 59 for his other sister, the one who shares his bloodline. I think she aches even deeper than me. He was her baby brother.

  2. I will be coming along in two weeks.

    Sorry that I could not make it yesterday. I had a full day of packing for the cottage, grocery shopping for the trip and cooking 2 meals. We are leaving in less than an hour.

    1. You'll probably miss this, but HAVE FUN!