Friday, July 08, 2016

See You Later, Minnesota

So, I didn't get the job. Instead I got a letter that said, "We do not have a position to offer you at this time." I'm not sure whether to be disappointed or relieved. Mostly I'm thinking I have very poor interviewing skills. I'm also thinking a certain someone best not ask me what I am going to do now... Maybe I'll just eat ice cream sandwiches and sleep all day.

This morning Jim and Michele packed Austin into their vehicle and headed back home to the very sad city of Saint Paul. The time flew by all too fast, and for several reasons I find myself weepy today. That migraine that occasionally catches up to me is not helping much. I'm feeding it ibuprofen and hoping it gives up and goes away.

We got a little bit of rain this afternoon. Not a lot, but a little. I keep hoping for one of those crazy thunder and lightening storms in the dead of night. They are the best for sleeping through. Maybe I need one of those sound machines like they put into babies' rooms during nap time.

*sigh* I have done absolutely nothing all day.

 Oh, wait. I did empty the dishwasher, feed the chickens, and do some laundry. That has to count for something. And, I made a grand attempt at a nap. That counts too.


  1. Well, now you know.
    I have an app on my phone - Free White Noise - but I don't think it has a storm.
    Everything counts!

  2. AND you talked to me!! ;)

    Sorry about the job. :(

  3. I have a white noise app on my iPad. It keeps me from completely losing it due to tinnitus. I always go to bed with it on and sometimes play it when I'm in a quiet room by myself.

    Here is also a good YouTube video with white noise. There are rain storms with thunder.