Saturday, February 22, 2014

There Goes My Hat!

Actually, it was my glasses. They flew off my head and blew right across the parking lot! Good thing it was a small parking lot. You'd think I would have learned the first time, but I am so accustomed to perching them on my head that I almost lost them again on my way out of the grocery store. Thankfully, the second time they landed in my jacket hood. Yup, it was a windy day!

I've been making a point of listening to the funny things that my grandchildren and others say. There was an entire conversation going on last week. I had to laugh while listening.

 "My name is Tinkerbelle too." said Lucas, "But I'm not a girl. Flutter, flutter, flutter..."
He looks at Rocky who must be the other Tinkerbelle. "Did you see my sparkles?" he asks her. "They look like diamonds, huh?"
They proceed to flap their wings and run through the house whereupon Grandma admonishes them to "Slow down!" but their flight continues.
"Aubrey, come and flutter with me. Flap your wings, like this." says Lucas. Aubrey flaps her wings too.
"Flap, flap, flap.." and once again they are off and running.
Running and flapping must be hard work because I next heard Lucas tell the others, "I need new wings."

Yesterday Lucas was talking to one of the others and said,  "I'm a dult now. I grew up." Oh, the things I'd miss if I wasn't paying attention.

Last night I heard Simon talking to his daddy. "Hey," he said, "Can I have a piggy bank ride?"

The house has been wild and crazy. It doesn't stay quiet for more than a day or two lately, and I'm having a hard time keeping up with the work, but it has it's own rewards. I know they grow up all too fast, so for now I'm trying (and sometimes it takes effort) to soak it in and enjoy every moment.


  1. haha....I'm adult now. I grew up. That's so cute.

    I need new wings sometimes, too. ha.

    1. Dults are grownups, you know.
      Sometimes my wings get frazzled.

  2. "Dults" is the cutest thing ever. These really do need to be written down and kept. They are priceless.

  3. Cute. Look how famous you are all over the world. Even people in Iceland reading your blog!