Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday, Monday

We did not have small children today. It was quiet. It was weird. For four days we had small children and suddenly they were gone.
The snow fell on us through- out the night, beautiful, fluffy, lake effect snow. It was stuck to the tree branches and piled atop the cars. If I was just a little more spry and active, I might have wandered off into the orchard again, but it was cold and after the bus came for Emma, I wandered back int hehouse instead.

I did laundry the semi-old fashioned way. I washed them the new fangled way, in my washing machine, and then I draped them around the wood stove and hung them up to dry. I found a handy dandy clothes dryer at Aldi on Saturday and it is truly a godsend. Between it and an old crib side, on which I hung socks and underwear, the clothes dried in a few hours time. Then I tossed them into the dryer for a cold air fluffing. (Aren't I a genius?)

This afternoon I baked two loaves of  bread, just to show My Darling that I truly do love him as much as my dear daughter in law Michele loves my son Jim. It was pretty easy to mix up the dough in my Kitchen Aide mixer. What a handy attachment that dough hook is! Now I am back on James' good side, I think... At least until I sneak around the other side again.

I won't bother to tell you about the batch of cookies I ruined... Okay, maybe I will. It was a double batch. They were supposed to be yummy, but they didn't turn out right. I messed up and used baking powder instead of baking soda. Blah! Tomorrow I shall attempt to remedy what is left of the uncooked dough.


  1. I really like your old fashioned clothes line. I did laundry the modern it folded and put away. I was folding clothes on the bed, and Molly crawled under something warm so I let her. She slept several hours. Smart dog, but it wasn't cold. Silly dog.

    The bread hooks on my "smaller" version of the Kitchen Aid works, but not nearly a well. Your bread looks so good, but I'm really trying to stay away from it now.

    1. My Darling ordered replacement parts for the dryer and it will eventually be repaired. The biggest job will likely be removing the bathroom sink and replacing it in order to get to the back of the dryer.

      I should be staying away from bread too, but it keeps coming after me. :0)

  2. I used corn starch instead of baking powder to make Baking Powder Biscuits.........the containers are a little bit similar, but certainly different enough I should have known the difference. I must have been dozing at the time. The biscuits were like hockey pucks and not fit to eat :-(

    Marilyn from Canada

    1. Hockey puck biscuits. That's funny. At least my cookies are still edible. I have all kinds of baking mishaps. This one just gets added to the collection. :0)

  3. Gee...that is a lot of fluffy snow....and....a lot of laundry♥️
    Everyone is entitled to make a mistake Martha......
    I once dredged chicken in baking soda instead of flour...
    Don't ask!
    Enjoy your evening....
    Linda :o)

    1. I fixed the cookies this afternoon. Threw them in my Kitchen Aide with 1/4 cup of water and 1 t. baking soda. Now they look nice and they taste better too.

      I don;t suppose dredging chicken in baking soda turned out too good.