Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Not Much

I've been sitting here trying to come up with an entry for ABC Wednesday's Letter F, but it's not happening, not tonight anyway. Maybe the light will go on tomorrow and something fabulous will materialize. (Sorry, I already used that word, two years ago.)

I have been "coffee-free" for almost two weeks now and find that drinking two pots of tea daily is not near as hard as drinking eight to ten glasses of water. The nice thing about tea is that is tastes as good at room temperature as it does hot, maybe even better. I really like the Orange Zinger.

Not much to share tonight, I guess. Pray for Mom, she picked up the nasty cold my grandkids were sporting last week. I'm feeding her Robitussin DM at 4 hour intervals. Maybe I need to find her a teapot of her own too.


  1. Hope your Mom is feeling better....
    Tea would be great for her....
    Enjoy your week
    Ps......where is the mouse/bear with the long tail and eyes?

  2. Bummer about Mom catching that cold. I guess we can't put her in a plastic bubble. :P

    1. No, we can't. We were all a bit concerned with how bad the kids sounded last week. Not much we can do about it now.

  3. Sorry your mom's got a nasty cold, but it looks like she getting plenty of care from Sophie and the cat.

    Molly is a good little nurse companion when one of us is sick.

    1. Yes, the animals appreciate her attention as much or more than she appreciates theirs. They make good company.