Friday, February 07, 2014

Not Boring...

I went to bed a little earlier than usual last night and woke up a bit earlier this morning. I heard the alarm go off for James and woke to the voice of a familiar (to me) radio preacher. It was David Jeremiah talking about heaven and whether or not it will be boring. James would have turned it off and reset the alarm, but I rarely get an uninterrupted chance to listen to Christian radio, especially a preacher I enjoy, so I had him leave it on. I even climbed out of bed and into the shower well ahead of Emma's arrival.

My first half hour with Emma is dark and quiet. We watch the sun rise and wonder at how the sun lights up the room each day. Emily (different from Emma.) arrives close to eight o'clock (on the mornings she gets on the bus here) and on the days when my grandchildren stay the night, Lucas is usually downstairs by about 7:30 am. When Rocky arrives and all three grands are up, the silence is gone and it typically doesn't return until the children either leave or go back to sleep. Even movies don't keep them quiet and still. I wish I had their energy.

I have this deep and unsatisfied longing for a neat, clean living room (and kitchen), but that will have to wait. One day, probably not so many years away, the house may be unbearably clean and quiet. It's hard to imagine today while toys and crumbs are scattered and children squeal and bicker. One day I may even long again for these crazy days... That's hard to imagine too, not because I don't love the kids, but because in the midst of the day in and day out of trying to keep up, I've lost the joy of living in the moment.

I'm listening to David Jeremiah again, though slightly distracted his time. He says, "One of the reasons that heaven won't be boring is that God is not boring." I like that thought. I don't have any plans to sit around on a cloud and play a harp, that sounds a little boring, but it would be great if I could finally learn to play harmonica. Maybe Dad can teach me. That would be really cool!


  1. Well, living in Cedarville, Ohio, you know I love David Jeremiah...and his dad James T. even more. :)

    I have that obsession right now...the neat and tidy house. It's impossible with boys and pets, but I do wake up to it every morning and that is a wonderful walk out into a fresh clean house every morning. The bad part is cleaning it up before you go to the morning reward is well worth it to me.

    I'm in my second year of trying to have 'a place for everything and everything in it's place'. I've made great progress but haven't arrived yet. I'm beginning to think it's a life long journey! haha. I think the key is having less things to have a place for.

    Eddie Bluelights wants us all to gather at the Amethyst Gate some day so we can all meet each other finally. I'll look for you there, having a harmonica lesson. :)

    1. The clean house obsession has been thwarted by the various and sundry occupants of the dwelling. Things have a place until they get moved and suddenly something else moves in. Happens in the fridge and cabinets ALL the time.

      I'm still trying to figure out whether to pursue the quest or take an alternate route. :0)

      I thin Eddie Bluelights has a splendid idea! And yes, I'll be having that harmonica lesson and can introduce you to my dad. He's the best!

  2. And.....I can introduce you both to my younger brother Tom....oh he was a spitfire that Tom.....♥️
    My kids miss him sooooo much....that would be splendid!
    A clean house means you have too much time on your house is TIDY.....clean is a whole other ball game....

    Enjoy your evening....Martha and Betsy. ♥️

    1. One day, Linda, you'll have to tell us about Tom. And I'll tell you about my big brother Dan.
      My house is dirty, not because I don't have time, but because it's a fruitless effort. I'm just treading water until the day I can actually clean and have it stay that way for half an hour. ;)
      The kids are watching "Megamind" (Aunt Hannah"s choice) and their daddy is scooping ice cream.