Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Little More

We've been blessed with a little more snow. Most folks are sick of it and groan to see it arrive, but it's still February in upstate NY
and this is normal. It's even expected. Some of our worst snow- storms have been the first week of March, and since spring is only a few short weeks away, I say we may as well enjoy it while it lasts. No matter how inconvenient, it's still pretty.

I did not venture out to Ladies' Prayer and Bible study this morning for a variety of reasons. One was the weather, which cleared up rather nicely well before I would have pulled out of the driveway. Another was a son who didn't make it home last night. He's all grown up now but my momma's heart still worries when they are expected and don't show up. Thankfully, he sent me a message letting me know he's fine and at work. The other reason is my mother. I just didn't feel comfortable leaving her home alone today.

Mom talked in her sleep all night long. It started as soon as she went to bed and continued on long after we climbed in bed and went to sleep.On my way back from the kitchen I heard her talking about her Uncle Louie and then she said, "He got stuck with the name Roberts. He never robbed anyone in his entire life!"

I took her a dose of cough medicine at about 10:30pm. Her eyes were open and she appeared awake, but looked at me and said, "Why aren't you in bed yet?" (Maybe because I'm all grown up now and go to bed when I want to...) I'm not even sure she was awake when she said it. I handed her the medicine without making an explanation. She couldn't have heard me without her hearing aides anyway.

Later, while James and I were sitting at the computer just opposite her room she said, "If you ask him to show you his animals, he just might show you some people." I burst out laughing, but even now I'm not sure if it is really funny. And so the talking went, on and on, sometimes loud enough to hear from our bedroom upstairs though I wasn't able to either decipher or remember anything else.

I did put in a call to her doctor's office. Someone will call me back. Though I desperately don't want to take her in, I also don't want to miss something that needs to be addressed. I think we're both going to be sleepy today. A nap sounds good already and it's not even noon.


  1. Oh dear....
    I think I would think it was funny as well, Martha...
    But....scary too...
    Linda :o)
    Ps...I am inside for a while...wee bit of "stomach" problems.....**wink**

    1. It was a bizarre night. Of course, she's quiet and sleepy now.
      And I'm thinking the Dr's office will call as soon as I fall asleep, if that ever happens.
      I hope your tummy is happy again soon.

  2. ha. Am I allowed to laugh? :) I think you should...good grief, if you don't keep your sense of humor, you'll never survive. I'd laugh, but take her to get checked out, too.
    Everyone dreams and says funny things in their sleep. I should have written down some things I've heard with my five men. lol....

    1. Laughter is how we keep our own sanity. I did call the doctor's office but wanted to talk to a nurse or something. They still haven't called back. In the meantime, it's been a quiet day for Mom. Maybe she'll perk up again when she goes to bed. Ha!

  3. I would have to laugh too. If she doesn't seem to be suffering, we must try to see the humor in her words. At least she didn't say anything creepy. :)

    1. Nope, nothing creepy, but her wheels sure were turning! The doctor never called back at all. Guess I'll be calling again tomorrow.

  4. I'm sorry about all you're going through with your mother. I had the same situation with my mom. She passed away in Dec.2012. It was awfully hard, losing her bit by bit. As things progressed with her, it finally became impossible for me to carry on much of a conversation with her. I learned that if I played the piano, or recordings of music from her young adulthood, she was so happy-- and was able to sing along a bit and act somewhat more normal. Music was a Godsend for us.

    1. Thank you, JEB, for your input. I don't often think of playing music, mostly because the house is usually busy, but perhaps I will try that tomorrow.