Sunday, December 01, 2019

That is That

Saturday I had plans. I was overwhelmed. I changed my plans. I felt bad backing out. I hate cancelling. But I had to do it. :(

My boss sent me a text mid morning. Her boyfriend was advising I get my snow tires put on my car as soon as possible. (I've been carrying them around in my car since the early November snowfall.) I got it done and the icy snow of today didn't keep me home from church this morning or away from a funeral this afternoon. We're expecting m ore snow overnight. I will extra grateful for snow tires on my way to work tomorrow morning, and my boss will be happy I have them too.

Last night I had some visitors. I haven't seen my friend Lori in many, many years. She was in town for the day and was able to make a short stop with her husband last night.What a blessing it is to reconnect with old friends!

The long weekend is over. It's back to work and my little friends tomorrow. What could be better (aside from staying home some more)?


  1. So glad you got those tires on your car and that you got to see a friend from long ago. those are such special times and memories.
    Hope your day goes well and you stay safe and cozy.

    1. It was a good day. What would I do without my job at the daycare?