Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Wind, a Runaway Slide, and a Dinner Date

A potpourri of weather, that's what the radio said. It was windy but pleasant when I went out for lunch this afternoon, but a few hours later the gusts were brutal and snow was dancing in the breeze. Lots of wind damage out there today. Six tractor trailers were flipped in the Rochester area! Crazy!

On my way home I picked up a runaway kid's slide... It was blowing into the neighbor's yard from the driveway of a vacant house where it spent this past winter. Yes, I took it home for my grandson, but last night I'd messaged the owner to ask her about it. She hadn't answered my note yet, so I sent her another telling her I'd "rescued" it. It didn't even need to be washed. It was already clean from the recent rain. Number Nine thinks it's fine.

This evening I met my sisters for dinner at Proietti's. Once upon a time, when we were little girls, Prioetti's was a pizza shop. There was an open counter where the cooks rolled, and hand tossed the pizza dough. It was fascinating to watch and that pizza crust was the best around. I haven't had anything like it in a long time. The owner was there at the restaurant this evening so I asked him if he still hand tosses his pizza dough. I think one day I'll splurge on a good old fashioned pizza, close my eyes, and pretend I'm back at Proietti's with Mom, Dad, and my sisters for an evening out.


  1. ...Prioetti's is an institution! Enjoy the snow today!

    1. I am craving their pizza.
      I walked out of work into a giant snow globe this afternoon.

  2. Idris looks like he's really enjoying that slide! :)
    Proietti's was nice. Can't help but reminisce there.