Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Out To Lunch (in a manner of speaking)

Lunch hour often finds me sitting out in my car. Sometimes I eat my lunch, sometimes I take a nap, and sometimes I make a phone call. This afternoon I listened to the radio and called my favorite Bethany. I was still talking to her when I got out of the vehicle and headed back inside. Perhaps that is why I didn't hear the chime...

On my way back out to the car after work, I realized my car keys were not in my pockets. I said a quick prayer that I hadn't locked them inside and breathed a sigh of relief when I found the door unlocked. The keys were in the ignition... and the battery was dead. It didn't even click when I turned the key. The only thing still working was the clock on my dashboard.

I headed back inside to see if anyone had a set of jumper cables. My coworkers weren't sure. One thought he might, but he couldn't leave the building until the kids were in ratio. Out of desperation I asked one of the dads picking up his daughter. He thought he might, but he didn't. A mom said she had one, but she didn't know how to use it. Between the two parents, one with the cables and one with the know how, we got my car running again and I am blessed. Good thing I don't work at night in some secluded location. I'd have had to call Triple A.


  1. ...I've done this many times.

    1. The older we get the more often it happens. Ha ha! Of course.