Sunday, April 08, 2018

Follow the Leader

I was the lead teacher for the "Runners" class at church today. It wasn't a total surprise, but I hadn't technically "agreed to it" ahead of time either. Mostly I was feeling overwhelmed when the request showed up online. I never answered,and secretly hoped someone else would fill in. No one did. Ha ah!

Thirteen 3-4 year old children and two teen helpers. I took the easy way out and we watched the video because I didn't look at the lesson ahead of time. We all survived, even me. I didn't have time to play blocks and build a tower with Grady like I did last week, but he still told me he loved me. How's that for a reward?

Spending an hour with a roomful of small children is not a difficult task for me. These little people, most of them, look forward to being at church. They're glad to see their friends, to play with the toys, sing a song, and watch a video. They color a picture, eat a little bag of cereal, and run around the table. Nothing too hard about that.