Monday, December 04, 2017

How Now

Rachel and I went to visit Tim yesterday. It was a beautiful day for a drive. I took my camera along and she stopped, backed up, and turned around just so I could get a few pictures.

I don't know why I love cows. Perhaps it is their long eyelashes or fuzzy ears. Perhaps it is the way they look up in curiosity when we moo at them. (They probably think we're idiots.) I can't remember if Rachel mooed, but Tim and I did. Maybe he likes cows too.

He's been back at his old house for a while now, this brother of ours, and he's doing okay. They know him at a better baseline than the caretakers in the other building and I am certain some of them genuinely care about him. In two weeks they're having a Christmas Party! Maybe we need to find him a present.


  1. ...and who doesn't love cows?

  2. My grand doll loves our cow. She is always having to stop by the fence to say HI to him. This cow is really cute as well.

  3. We have cows down our road, and I love to walk down and see them. It really made me smile to picture you and Tim mooing at the cows. We do that too, and we also always say, "Oh dear! (deer)", when we see deer.

  4. I was thinking we need to get him a present too. What to buy this brother of ours?