Monday, December 18, 2017

Counting Down

Christmas is just one week away. Am I ready? Will I be? I suppose it will be what it will be. I've wrapped most of the books I got my grandchildren. That's a good start. I've burned CD's for my kids, and that's good too. I think even the ones who aren't country/bluegrass fans will appreciate listening to their grandfather play his banjo and harmonica. I know I do, but then again he was my daddy. I watched and listened to him play my entire life. Soothing, calming, reassuring.

I am less stressed out this holiday season. I am more stressed by the birthday I missed today. Number Two turned nine. I didn't hear of there being a party for a grandmother to attend, and I failed to find a proper gift. I so want to be a good grandma and feel so much like I am falling short. I hardly ever see them anymore... How can I be a good grandma if I don't see them? And how can I see them when I work full time? It is an unfamiliar season of life and terribly different than I imagined it would be. Not terrible, just terribly different.


  1. My grand doll lives next door and when I began working at the library as a part time courier I did not see her much so I can't imagine full time. I recently have made a change and now I do not work away from her much so that I can see her. She is our only one and I don't want to miss much. Thank God for the opportunity that has given me the chance.

    1. So glad you have a chance to see your grand doll. Perhaps we will eventually fall into a routine where we gather and see each other more often. I can hope.