Saturday, December 16, 2017

Change of Plans

There are now 20 sets of CD's awaiting distribution. They are the gifts I most wanted to give this Christmas. Dad playing his banjo or mandolin, and harmonica. I've already given away three sets to Ben, James, and Hannah and I know others are anxious to have theirs too.

I spent most of the day with The Cabinetmaker. We made Boston Brown Bread for Uncle Chuck's holiday dinner, and burned CD's. We were almost to the party house when Rachel called to tell us the venue had double booked and we were relocating. The gathering was now an hour away from Williamson and we opted to turn around and go home instead. We ordered a pizza with Ben and watched The Santa Clause, although I have inherited my mother's innate inability to stay awake through an entire movie. I fell asleep when Scott and Charlie arrived at the North Pole, and aside from the scene where Judy brings him hot chocolate, didn't wake up until it was over.

One more day to my weekend. I need to have my oil changed, pay my Target bill, and return a book tomorrow before going to see Tim with Rachel. This time we'll take him out for a ride and one small chocolate Frosty. And maybe if I am diligent, I will wrap the rest of those story books I got my grandchildren for Christmas.


  1. Sounds like a perfect gift to me. I long for the days that gifts meant something.