Wednesday, May 25, 2016

To Work or Not to Work, That is the Question

Months ago I decided I did not want to sit out another summer inside. I gave my boss plenty of notice and waited out the time. Two weeks ago the new companion came to "shadow" me and meet our friend. She was scheduled to start this week.

I knew from my visit with the new employee that her chance of staying for the long haul were slim to none. She was already saying, "I don't know how long I'll last." Well, she didn't even begin. So after my lovely California vacation, I am back to sitting with my friend. It's not so bad, really, and it gives me a few dollars in my bank account. Besides, I don't have another job yet and this keeps me out of the Cabinet Maker's way while he works on the kitchen. And I don't have to train for anything new. Yet.


  1. Be positive! Things will work out they way they are supposed to!