Friday, May 13, 2016

Chickens and the Littles

Packing my entire kitchen into boxes while simultaneously packing for my trip across the country (I'm flying) is proving to be an overwhelming task. The remodel won't be finished by the time I return, but a big chunk of it should be done. I did not take a "before" picture and now the upper cabinets are without doors, which is really weird and makes me want to close the cupboards every time I walk into the kitchen...

There were four grandkids here yesterday. Spencer was happy to show his cousins the chickens. He really does think they're the best pets. Aside from The Naughties, of course.

Speaking of Naughties, one of them followed us down to the chicken coop for a look of his own. There was a bit of flapping and flying about with four children and two adults in the coop and Naughty One found it quite alluring. He reached through the chicken wire in hopes of catching an early lunch (or second breakfast) but sadly for him the chicken escaped his clutches.

He was sorely disappointed and I was thoroughly satisfied to catch it all on camera. If you wondered why we aren't free ranging, this is just one of the reasons, this and his striped brother along with foxes, coyotes, neighborhood dogs, and the hawks I saw circling overhead on Wednesday. Once I return from California and work on the kitchen slows down, we'll build them an enclosure under the old trampoline frame where they can scratch in the dirt, fertilize the lawn, and remain safe from predators.

For now they have a bit of dirt in an old tire, and an enclosure safe from hawks, foxes, coyotes, cats, and hopefully, kids. We may need to install a padlock to keep naughty children from trying to get in when we aren't looking. Yes, they did make an attempt, which was thwarted by Aunt Sabrina who came around the corner and spoiled the fun of one little boy who will do what he wants if he thinks it's a good idea.

My husband thinks getting a dog would be a good idea, but I'm thinking chicken manure is a whole lot easier to clean off the bottom of shoes than dog poop. Of course, chickens aren't quite as cuddly and they don't make the best orchard walking buddies. In spite of my love for dogs, I don't think I'm ready to have another just yet. That is why I have The Naughties. A little snuggling, a smidgen of company, and good entertainment. It's working pretty good right now.


  1. Oh yes, coyotes are about even in San Francisco!

    1. I think they are everywhere now.

    2. That is really me, Martha, but I am not signed in on this computer. My son is.