Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Missing Things and People/

I wrote about our trip to the Glendale Galleria and how my camera battery died, but I didn't tell you about Wand's missing sweater. She wore it home and it was on the bed when I opened my suitcase to find a fresh camera battery, but when she went to find it later, it came up missing. Feeling a bit emotional because it was the third item to go missing in as many days, I heard her tell Don and she actually sounded teary. "It was on the bed when I opened my suitcase," I told her. And then I thought about my own navy blue sweater and shirt, the only clothing items in that particular suitcase... I am embarrassed to admit my apparent kleptomania, but Wanda found it a comic relief to her previous concern that perhaps she was losing more than her sweater...

On Friday Wanda took me to a Monrovia where we perused and antique store and had lunch on the sidewalk outside a little bistro. We ordered gigantic lattes and
then, wouldn't you know it? My camera sent up the "change battery pack" sign again. Luckily, I listened to my own advice and had a freshly charged battery back in the car. I ran back to get it while Wanda ordered us a bit of lunch. She had egg salad in romaine boats and I chose the Monte Christo sandwich and a small bowl of fruit. Everything was oh, so yummy! Rather than eat it all in one sitting, we each ate half and took the rest home to enjoy later. I finished my Monte Christo sandwich on
Saturday morning before we headed out to the airport. It was the perfect breakfast for traveling.

Saturday came all too soon and we suddenly found ourselves back on the freeway headed toward the airport.I am pleased to report that I did not arrive at home with any items that did not belong in my suitcase, although I was chosen for a pat-down upon going through security. This has happened before and I am entirely unsure as to what kind of threat this middle aged white American woman could possibly pose. Perhaps I have a kind face and they are really just looking for a random American who will not give them grief. Who knows? (One of my bags was "randomly" chosen to be searched on the way... I'm just glad they didn't decide to open my bottle of maple syrup and spill it all over my clothes. Been there done that, only it was green chile salsa.)


  1. Oh Martha, I love your recaps of our adventures...Yes, I do believe I was teary eyed thinking I must be losing my mind, or having the beginnings of something serious...So glad the sweater incident healed my mind. HaHa.
    Miss you....what memories we have. I will think of you when I have another latte on the sidewalk Bistro.

    1. And I shall think of you when I order another Monte Christo sandwich.