Thursday, May 26, 2016

Coffee and A Swamp Walk

I go to bed tired at night, but then toss and turn, and turn and toss. I wake up multiple times and by the time morning arrives, I am at least as tired as when I climbed into bed 8 hours earlier. Must be something to do with hormones, middle age, and a restless mind, although I know my mind wants to rest. Good thing for coffee...

I took my grandkids out this morning. We went to find Tinker Nature Center and the Fairy Houses in the woods.

I didn't bother to count the tiny dwellings. I was having a hard enough time keeping track of small children while snapping pictures.

We followed the trail past all the Fairy Dwellings and on into the swamp where a few friendly frogs reside. Have you ever tried to keep small boys (or girls) out of the swamp? I almost felt bad telling them to stay on the trail. Look at all that great space to adventure in!

We not only found Fairy houses and frogs, but squirrels, geese, a few snails, and some pretty red birds. I looked for the herd of deer that live in the park, but they were hiding today.


  1. I've never been there, need to put it one my list.

    1. It was a little busier yesterday than it was back in February. A fun place. I need to go without kids one day.