Saturday, April 02, 2016

On Staying Home for Once

I did something highly unusual today. I stayed home, and I cleaned my upstairs bathroom from top to bottom. It's fresh. It's sparkling. You could eat off the floor! (Okay, maybe that would be a bad idea.) But it does look nice, even with my glasses on.

I thought I might be super energetic and wash the kitchen floor while I was up and at 'em, so I grabbed the broom to give it a good sweep. I hadn't given it more than a couple of swipes when a pain shot through the base of my right thumb. The tendons felt like they wanted to pop and the pain was almost crippling. A recurring assault of a previous injury, likely aggravated by the hundreds of times I wrung out my cleaning cloths in the bathroom endeavor and one of the reasons I am hesitant to apply for a job as a full time CNA. (I sound like a baby...)

Snow is the word of the day. Little Red was out this morning. He didn't seem to mind the white stuff too much.


  1. my lawn is white at this moment...happy spring y'all