Saturday, April 30, 2016

Fixer Upper

Where are Chip and Joanna when you need them?

On our way to the cemetery, Deb and I passed an abandoned, rundown house. We purposed to  stop and take a look around on the way back. (Don't worry, we stayed outside.)

View from the road

The front door. It wasn't until I got up close that I noticed the doorknob is on the door casing instead of on the door itself. I wondered who took the time to remove the knob and reattach it to the doorpost and why.

Upstairs window

My partner in crime.

The interior. Needs a little bit of work. Maybe a support beam or two.

Every old house needs a junk pile.

 Window treatments.


  1. What a shame. I'm drawn to this sort of thing too. When this house was built, it was built with attention to details. I'd love to see it in person.

    1. East side of Rt 96 between Ovid and Interlaken, just past the giant silos (which are on the other side of the road). Once the foliage is out, you might miss it driving by.

  2. Reminds me of Stuart Hamlin's song "This Old House". Great for photos and you really got good ones.

  3. I'd expect to see this on "The Discovery Channel."

  4. What a great, old place! My kind of thing to photograph.

  5. I wonder who lived there at one time? Was anyone born there? What funny or sad things happened here that once formed someone's memories? Did anyone die there? These are questions I ask when I see this sort of thing.