Monday, April 04, 2016

Learning Life Lessons

Life is a learning experience and some of the lessons are really hard. Really hard lessons mean really hard work, and really hard work can make one really tired. Really.

I was looking through old slides yesterday and attempted to take pictures of a few. The southern tier of NY state has always been beautiful. In years long gone, my dad would sneak off in his car before his mom came home, shot gun and dog at his side, and drive south to Angelica for a weekend hunting trip with one of his uncles. Dad loved those rolling, farm covered hills so much that as a child I couldn't help but catch the love myself. All these years later memories of childhood trips to Uncle Joe's farm or Great Grandma and Uncle Leo's house bring a bit of sunshine to my heart.

Life lessons...


  1. So many lessons to learn, so little time it seems.
    Hope today is a "sunshine" day in NY and in your heart. Love you.