Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Naughty Update

The Naughties are living up to their reputation. Yesterday Naughty One was locked in our bedroom for hours. At one point Naughty Too was trying to open the bedroom door but I missed the underlying message and his brother remained imprisoned until I heard his cries and went searching.

Josiah, my own number four child, was out trimming dead branches and came upon the missing collar of Naughty One. He called me over to see. There it was hooked on a sassafras branch by the ring that holds the bell to the collar. The foolish feline could have hung himself, but knowing the danger, I made their collars out of elastic for this very reason. The cat escaped safely, leaving the collar to dangle in the tree and him free to once again silently sneak up on unsuspecting birds and squirrels.

This evening one of the Naughty Cats played a dirty trick on Amy, the friend of my daughter in law. She was pulling out of the driveway and heard a thud on her car. Sabrina, who was about to get in her own car, saw a look of horror come over Amy's face as she thought she had just run over one of our pets. Sabrina burst into laughter because she had seen what really happened. The crazy animal had jumped onto Amy's moving car and there on the roof, chilling out on his side, was a Naughty.  There must be a way to cure cats of getting into and on top of cars and vehicles...


  1. Sounds like those scamps have you bamboozled!

    1. They're working on it anyway.
      They really are cute and if one can be entertained instead of irritated by their antics, they are a lot of fun. I've found that curiosity really could kill a cat and will need to ensure Naughty One does not get inadvertently closed in a hot vehicle this summer. (It's a little scary.)