Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Mornings here have gotten a little wild with the stam- peding of half grown kittens. They tumble and roll, bite and poke, yowl and growl. Poor Sofie doesn't know quite what to do with them. Little Cat isn't thrilled either. They gang up on her and she is not the social type. (One day last week the stripey kitten came tearing in the cat door with Little Cat right on his heels! I really had to wonder what kind of trouble he was up to...)

Kittens do make nice lap warmers when they decide they've had enough running about, and there's one for each of us. How cool is that?

I've made some interesting dis- coveries, thanks to little feet on my laptop keyboard. There is actually a key to turn my wifi off and airplane mode on. Who knew? Apparently the kittens did, and now I do too.

Kittens, like small children, are interested in all things new and it is no wonder "curiosity killed the cat" although it was most likely a kitten. Naughty is an understatement, but they are fun. They intrigued by objects moving on screens; the curser on a computer, race cars on the television... I probably don't need to tell you how many times I've set the photographs back in place.


  1. Kitties certainly are entertaining, but they are also very naughty. Our small cat thinks flower vases should be knocked down, and any thing containing liquid tipped over. She stands on her hind legs to beg for water from the refrigerator, and dances across my keyboard when I am typing important things. They are so darling though.

    1. They are very naughty. No wonder they get no pie.