Thursday, October 08, 2015


I left home Monday morning with enough time to stop and get some gas on my way to work. Since the weather is cooling off, especially in the morning and again in the evening when I leave work, I grabbed my freshly laundered black fleece from the dryer and put it on as I ran out the door.

I had a little time to kill after filling my gas tank, so I decided to run across the street and pop into Savers. I wanted to see if they had any cheap but interesting music CD's that I might play at work or in my car. I picked several CD's from the shelf (Selah, Kenny G...) and then looked at a few books. I grabbed two by Max Lucado and headed to the checkout.

Once at work I ended up parking my van in the far parking lot, walked in behind another woman who does one on one care, and signed the book at the front desk. Everything seemed pleasant and normal. I didn't notice any weird looks or snickering. I had no reason to suspect anything was amiss.

Once inside the Memory Care Unit, I entered my friend's room and did my telephone check in. Sometime I wear my jacket inside, but now that summer is over, the air conditioning doesn't run as often and the place can actually get hot. I took my jacket off and held up to straighten it out before flopping it over my backpack and lunch bag on the floor next to my chair. You can probably imagine my horror when I spotted a freshly washed and dried pantyliner stuck to the outside of my black fleece. In my younger days I would have been looking for a hole to crawl into, or at least a closet to hide in. Thoroughly embarrassed, and likely turning several shades of deepening red, I plucked the outrageous offender from my garment and quickly deposited it into the trash receptacle. It wasn't until I did that I suddenly found the entire incident oddly hilarious.


  1. Lol! I couldn't help but laugh again as I envisioned that panyliner stuck to your jacket. Too funny!

  2. Brahahahaha :-) :-) My friends little guy...about 2....... took about 6-8 of those and stuck them on the front window. She didn't notice as she had lacey type shear curtains and rarely used the front door. She had no idea how long they were there, but imagined the mailman must have had a snicker each morning :-) I'm glad you saw the humour, because it IS funny.

    Marilyn from Canada

    1. I post because I know others can relate. Oh, the horrors!

  3. Haha! Funny...but a bit mortifying as well.