Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Drivers

How do you know it's spring? Why when the yellow rocking chair swing comes out of the barn, of course! I even gave it a little exercise. It felt good and made long for my comfy flip flops. The swing still needs a good scrubbing, and maybe a fresh coat of paint once the weather decides to stay warm, but it's nice to see it hanging in the old tree again.

The weather was so nice that we thought about going out for a ride today after church, but changed our minds and stayed home instead. We cleaned out gardens, rolled the lawn, and raked more leaves and burned them
in the driveway. I even cleaned all the old leaves out of the sandbox and threw an old fence section over it. No kitties in the sandbox, please. I'm saving that for my grandchildren. It won't be long before it's time for a picnic.

A walk around back had me noticing the "flowers" on the big silver maple where the kids once had a tree fort. I knew maple pollen was stirring up allergies but I'd never taken the time to notice these "pre-flowers" before.

And look! The crocus have returned. They sure are a happy looking bunch. Gotta enjoy them quick because if it stays warm for very long, they'll melt.


  1. We put in the screen on the back door and my nook window this afternoon!

    I love that yellow cheerful! My porch swing needs fresh paint, too.

    Best of luck on your test tomorrow. I've just prayed for you!

  2. Yes...I do believe Spring is here....
    Best of luck....whichever day!
    Water is on at the cottage!
    Linda :o)

    1. Oh, good! Now I can come visit.

    2. Absolutely.....well.....let's let the lake thaw out first....ok?

    3. Yes, the lake really should be thawed first.